Farmhouse Stackable Wood Egg Tray
Farmhouse Stackable Wood Egg Tray
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Farmhouse Stackable Wood Egg Tray

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These stackable egg holders are a great way to store your fresh unwashed eggs on your counter!  

Each egg holder is hand-crafted one at a time and may have minor imperfections.  Each is a quality item that will add the  rustic charm of farm-fresh eggs in your kitchen. 
Each egg tray holds one dozen beautiful eggs.  Each tray comes with pegs for stacking, in case more than one is needed either now or at a later purchase.  

* Single holder holds 1 dozen eggs. Comes with holes in the bottom run case you decide later you want to purchase an add on holder to allow for more egg storage!

* Set of 2 holders holds 2 dozen eggs. An add on holder can be added later for more egg storage!

* Set of 3 holders holds 3 dozen eggs. You can move the bottom two layers up and down to keep your eggs in order of oldest to newest. 

* Set of 3 pegs on all holds 3 dozen eggs. This set allows you to move the order of all three layers.