Pancake Breakfast
Pancake Breakfast
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Pancake Breakfast

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Don’t like to  be a weekend guest without taking something?  Or simply say "thank you"? We took care of it for you.  This is the perfect take along.  

We started with Poschaven Farms organic buckwheat pancake mix.  A product of Northern Ontario and manufactured in a dedicated gluten free, dairy free, nut and seed free, egg, soya and GMO free facility 

Keeping our collection locally produced products,  we added coffee, honey, maple syrup, preserves and topped off with two sampler herbal infused teas and two pieces of our signature artisan biscotti.

A wooden spoon for mixing and tea towel for wiping seemed fitting to include.  

Available packaged in a collector bowl. 

Note:  bowl/basket may vary from picture shown.